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The Importance Of Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pump maintenance, also known as entretient de thermopompe in French, is extremely important in order to have a high quality, functioning air conditioning system in your home or company all year long.

In order to do maintain a heat pump successfully you will need to contact an expert who will be able to help you and advise you with everything you need to know.

Before you reach out to a professional, we have compiled a list of valuable advices for you to read and apply in order to successfully maintain your heat pump throughout entire year.

Important things to inspect on your unit

These are the most important things you should review on your unit, depending on if its an indoor or an outdoor one:

  • Air filter – If needed, replace an air filter with the new one, or just fix the one you already have if it’s needed and possible to do so.
  • Electrical wires – Having your wires connected to each other in a tight bond is very important, because otherwise it could result in a permanent damage due to them being burned.
  • Indoor coil and drain pan – Clean these two aspects with a suitable cleaner.

If your unit is suited for outdoors, you should be checking for any visible damage on it, and repair it if possible. Also, don’t forget to check the wires, and oil the motor in order for it to run more smoothly. Lastly, check the temperature of the unit, and if all of these are alright, you should have a well-working heat pump at your disposal.


This is a crucial part of any heat pump system. Verifying that everything is in order with your thermostat is important, and to do this you should also follow some tips, like:

  • Always check the pressure of the system. This is important, because it can show you if you have any issues or not with the system.
  • Check the connection with the indoor unit. See if it is working normally.
  • Look for any visible damage, and fix it.

After all, if you have any issues that you are not sure how to fix on your own, you can always contact a nearby expert on heat pumps. Maintaining your system all year long is important if you want to regulate the temperature of your home or your company.

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