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Take Advantage of the Rise of Home Battery Schemes

Finding a way to power your home is of the utmost importance. That has always been the case, but the last few years have seen significant changes. This is in no small part due to the fact that the batteries which power homes have undergone radical changes over the past couple of years.

Once upon a time, laptops and cellphones were a rarity. You had to be very rich to have them, and even if you did, they could be a hassle to operate, given how big and bulky they were. We all know what happened there – technology advanced, devices became smaller, and laptops and cellphones become the affordable, accessible mainstays they are today.

Similarly, in the past, home battery schemes were incredibly difficult to pull off, again, because of that aforementioned size problem. In the same way that laptops and cellphones have less bulky and more affordable over time, the same has occurred with respect to home batteries. Where these used to be bulky and expensive, today, home batteries are catching on with citizens all across Australia.

To that end, here’s what you can expect from the finest home battery schemes in South Australia.

How It Works

So, just how do these home battery setups work? The general layout is as follows:

  • First, there’s Australia’s general electrical grid itself, which supplies power for individuals around the country
  • Connected to that is a main distribution panel which, as the name suggests, distributes power from the grid to different states, cities, and neighbourhoods
  • Connected to that is your home battery system, which connects your home to those two aforementioned aspects of the Australian power system without it needing to be directly wired in
  • In homes that utilise solar energy, the home battery is often connected to the solar panels, allowing for the energy captured by the panels to be fed into the battery, which can then help power your home

How Much Power Do These Batteries Provide?

With the setup outlined, let’s turn our attention to the question of just how much a modern home battery can provide in terms of energy for your home. While this number will naturally vary somewhat depending on the size and type of battery, the general range is about 6Kw to 20Kw. That can make a huge difference in your home’s energy efficiency levels.

Getting Subsidies

Even so, it can potentially make an even bigger difference in the amount you pay for energy – or, rather, get paid for it. Solar panels connected to home batteries can generate a lot of energy, and that extra energy is in demand. Recent years have seen a surge in the amount of subsidies handed out to individuals who install both home batteries and solar panels, allowing them to make money off that excess energy. You can potentially make as much as $500 per Kw hour, with the subsidies typically being capped around $6,000.

Unleash the power and money-generating potential of your home with a revolutionary new home battery option in South Australia.

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