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Should You Renovate or Get a New Home?

Living in your own home is an amazing pleasure that few people get to taste in the course of their lives. This fact is becoming truer day by day with the ever increase in millennial college debt and unemployment. However, at the same time, living in one home all your life can get quite boring and if you can afford it, you may consider moving or getting a new home. Both of these options are available to the residents of Salt Lake as there are some amazing home builders in Salt Lake County who can build you a new home or just help you with renovation in your current one. Choosing what to do, however, can get quite confusing and this article will help you decide:


Emotions and sentiments are the first defining factor of making this decision as they are what have led you down the road of having to make it in the first place. You wish to move or remodel only because you aren’t satisfied with the way your home currently is. And that’s okay, but for making a decision, you may need to take some time off to think about what you really desire in terms of a home. Are you too attached to your current home? If yes, then chances are high that you won’t be happy after moving and hence should just stick to renovation.


Well, despite emotions being the top factor in making your decision, budgeting is equally important. You need to have a well-defined budget plan. Quite possibly even may need to talk to your financial advisors and make a budget plan, and if you can’t afford a replacement home that would make you happy, it’s a better idea to just renovate instead.

Is it a matter of space?

If you need more rooms in your home, you can simply contact your trusted builders to renovate and make a new room in your home without adding extra space. This would be a much more logical and profitable decision than selling off your home for a new one. However, if it is a question of space, there are two options – if you own the plot, renovate and if not, move.

In the end, the decision falls on your shoulders as it will decide the fate of your housing situation and not that of your advisors. But if you take these tips and use them, you might be able to make a better decision.

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