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Seven Effective Ways to Extend the Life of your HVAC Systems

Your home’s HVAC systems are making your life comfortable and convenient despite the season. But, to make sure they work efficiently and effectively at all times, you want to give them the care they need. Below are some tips to maintain and extend the life of your heating and cooling systems:

Get them Checked Routinely

In case you still don’t have a proactive HVAC maintenance program, it is time to get it checked by a qualified provider of HVAC service in Winnipeg two times every year. The professionals can ensure your systems are operating optimally and efficiently and that their components are in good working order.

Maintain Optimal and Stable Temperatures

How you set your thermostat’s temperature is a matter of what makes you comfortable. However, a lot of systems have optimum temperature ranges which ensure efficient energy use. Check with the owner’s manual or contact a service technician to know the temperature range of your systems which are most energy-efficient. Fluctuating temperatures too frequently must be avoided to prevent your systems from working harder and being inefficient.

Prevent Air Leaks

A lot of homeowners try to stop air infiltration in the winter; however, it must also be done during the summer. Air leaks in your house reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system as the air they heated or cooled is lost. Make sure your close all your windows and seal your doors with good weather sealers before turning your HVAC system on.

Ensure Adequate Insulation

Home insulation is critical in ensuring the heated or cooled air in your home is not lost. If your home is not well-insulated, call a professional Edmonton HVAC service provider for guidance. Also, think about consulting with an energy auditor.

Reduce Home Temperature

While you turning your thermostat down can seem like a small step, it can actually help you save a significant amount of energy. A 10-degree to 15-degree reduction in temperature for eight hours at a time during the summer can save you up to 15% in heating bills every year. Think about installing a programmable thermostat to make this take this energy savings further.

Change Air Filters on a Regular Basis

The air filters of your heating and cooling systems must be changed once every month or as recommended by the filter or furnace manufacturer. This is to ensure smooth airflow throughout your house. Your systems can work more efficiently if they have new filters. Optimal systems performance translates to money savings for you. For instance, new AC filters can account for 5% to 15% savings on energy use in your household.

Control Temperature with Window Treatments

The heating and cooling load of your house can be affected by the window coverings you use. In the winter, you can harness the heat by keeping blinds, curtains or drapes open on windows that face the south at daytime to let sunlight get inside your house. These windows must be closed at night to provide more layers of insulation between the interior of your house the glass. Window coverings must be closed in the summer to reduce daytime temperatures.

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