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Have Noisy Water Pipes? Here’s What You Need to Know

Any kind of noise emerging from your water pipes is a matter of concern. But, hey, don’t worry! If you can find the source from where the noise is coming from, believe us, it is an easy fix. Here is a list of reasons that can contribute to noisy water pipes so that you can find what went wrong and when to call up an expert from plumbing draper Utah:

  1. Water Hammer
  2. Loose Pipes
  3. Worn Out Washer
  4. Main Shut Off Valve
  5. Toilets

Water Hammer

When water flows through the pipe and out the faucet moves away with speed and force, and when the faucet is shut off, the flow of water faces a jerky halt. That force has to be exerted somewhere. This pushes up the vertical pipe that hits an air cushion in the pipe. That avoids the water force from causing the pipes to jerk, rattle or hammer. Hammering can develop as the time goes by, the air in the little vertical riser is now lost, resulting in the loss of cushioning effect as well.

Shut off the main water, open up all faucets and drain the entire house from the lowest faucet. When restoring the water, air is pushed again into the risers to avoid water hammering.

Loose pipes

Another cause is a loose pipe under the house. When the water moves rapidly in huge volume, it can cause the pipe to sway or jerk, resulting in a rattling effect.

You can suspend the drain pipes from the floor joists under the house and may need a little stability. Crawl under the house with a flashlight while someone flushes the toilet so that you can see what went wrong and what can be done.

Worn out washer

A worn out washer in a valve or faucet tends to contribute to squeaky pipes or water pipes. The straightforward source of this very squealing noise comes from the valves that are connected to the washing machine.

Shut off the valve and inspect the washers in the hose. If they are worn or cracked, replace them. If not, shut off the water and repair the faucet.

Main shut off valve

This is another reason for noisy water pipes that results from the main shut off valve or the water pressure generator.

Turn off the water from the street valve for main shut off then get the main house valve repaired.


After you flush, if you hear a rattling or banging noise at the end of the filling cycle, then the ballcock assembly that controls the fill process has now worn out.

It depends on the model, or replace it with a better one.

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