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Easy to Follow Guidelines to Buy and Maintain Clean Water Fountains

Since several decades water fountain is being used to enhance the beauty of home, patio and gardens. Having a water fountain at home provides ample benefits. Thus, many home owners prefer to buy stylish designed easy to maintain water fountain.

As there are multiple variants each having special features, you need to know proper mode of purchasing one to enjoy its benefits.

Know about the main types of water fountain:

  • Table top fountains: Great to have small fountains on your table. You can keep them in any indoor place.
  • Wall fountains: Best way to décor your porch and patios. They can be mounted on your compound walls.
  • Standing floor fountains: It is the most popular kind of fountain usable to enhance the beauty of both outdoor and indoor space. It is available in varied size and designs.

  • Waterfall fountains: Multiple levels for waterfalls provides an exclusive way to enrich the décor of your indoors as well as your outdoor space.
  • Lighted water fountain: This is one of the modern style fountains having long life LEDs. It adds extra lighting effects in the dark nights.

To buy a water fountain isn’t a hard task in today’s ultra-modern era. You can buy the fountain from online shops where you can choose from a range of water fountains. The fittings can be done by yourself or by an experienced technician. However, you need to consider a few things in order to keep them clean and well-maintained.

Here are few tips to keep the waterfalls clean and functioning:

  • When you feel the water is dirty clean the fountain. Whenever you find any clogging matter like debris, leaves or paper, clear them immediately.
  • Don’t use hard brush to clean the dirt. Best to wipe the base of the fountain with rugged cloth.
  • While cleaning use eco friendly cleaning products specially composed for water tanks and fountain. In short avoid any concentrated cleaning products.
  • To control mold formation, you can buy organic solution which won’t harm any living organisms drinking water.

Useful hints to maintain outdoor fountains in winter:

  • It will be helpful to dry the base of the fountain where water collects.
  • Dry away any moisture remaining in the fountain’s whole parts.
  • Cover the fountain with a well durable cover.

To know more about luxury fountains and the types available visit the popular websites that sell water fountains.

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