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Are You Aware How Bed Bugs Enter into Your House?

In case you find bed bugs at home then the first question that comes to your mind is, from where and how these bugs entered into your home? You must have maintained your home clean and well protected from all kinds of insects and there is a very remote possibility of their entry into the house from outside.

In this way, there are multiple ways that these bed bugs enter into your house. Once they enter then it is difficile d’éliminer les punaises de lit (Meaning difficult to eliminate bed bugs).

Following are few of the possible ways that bedbugs may enter your home and take shelter in your bed.

  • If you are frequent traveller

If you are travelling frequently then there are maximum chances that you become the carrier of these bed bugs. They may be present in the hotel you stayed, in the taxis that you must have travelled. They may sneak into your dress or your bags and hide there. You will never know when they will get into your home.

  • If you have gone to watch cinema in a hall

The movie theatres are one of the main sources where they usually infest. When you spend couple of hours in the cinema hall then they may quietly enter into your dress and make entry into your house along with you.

  • If you sit on a sofa in a lounge

There is every chance that you must have waited in a lounge for quite some time sitting on any sofa, where bugs were present. They may find you to be an easy target where they can enter into your coat quietly without you realizing. As you enter into your house, they too make entry.

  • If your relative or friend visit you and stay at your place

It is quite possible that your close friend or relative may be living in a bug infested place and when they come to stay at your house for few days, the bed bugs will enter through them and take shelter in your house.

  • Through your children

Children often visit their friend’s house and spend a lot of time playing games. If the friend’s house has been infested with bed bugs then your children may carry it home.

You need to take help of professionals in order to get rid of them completely.

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